NEW TJM Torq Winch


TJM have just released their new generation winches, and now with even more power, you’ll be unstuck in no time!

The combination of a 4.9hp motor with the new gear ratios, means a much more efficient winch, with a faster line speed. All three models (9500lb Cable, 9500lb Synthetic & 12,000lb Synthetic) share the same dimensions and footprint, which is slightly smaller than their predecessors, making them an easy fit into most bull bars! The motor and gear box have been tested and approved to an IP67 waterproof rating, with the solenoid at IP68 to match. You’ll also receive the newly designed wireless winch remote included as standard with these new winches. With features like anti-corrosive aluminium tie bars, uv resistant components & FRP sheath protection, the new TJM Torq winch is sure to stand the test of time. Feature list: 10 position clocking on gearbox 4 position clocking on motor 90° clutch handle Anti-corrosive aluminium tie bars Automatic load holding brake CE certified Free spooling FRP sheath protecting all cables High output series wound motor Integrated solenoid control pack IP67 waterproof rated winch remote IP67 winch body Low electric current draw Manual isolation switch included Planetary gear system Power in & power out Sealed motor & gearbox to prevent water & dust ingress UV resistant plastic parts Wireless remote included To find out more, give our friendly staff a call today  (03) 9354 1116

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